The Swedish government has a clear objective for Sweden to become one of the first fossil-fuel free developed countries in the world. Success in this will need courage, powerful innovation and collaboration. Sandviken Pure Power is the umbrella name for clean energy production and use in our region, and we consider all those who work towards a fossil-free society as partners. Who is missing from the list? Contact us at and we will update this website.

The electric highway

Region Gävleborg
Ernst Express

Hydrogen refuelling station

Region Gävleborg
Sandviken Energi
Kenneth Larsson Bil

Forsbacka Biogas

Gästrike Ekogas
Gästrike Återvinnare

Jädraås wind park


Electric car charging stations

Region Gävleborg

Sandviken Pure Power

When wise people from all over the world in industry, academia and the public sector interacts exciting things will happen.
Sandviken is such a place in the field of fossil-free and climate-neutral energy. Here we create, together, innovation power.

Sandviken Pure Power is an open communication concept that is administered by the Municipality of Sandviken. Here we come together, who wants to contribute in making Sweden one of the world's first fossil-free countries. It is here it happens. Right now.


Are you more interested in what is happening in the region regarding fossil-free transport and energy, please contact:
Anders Lundell, EU Strategist, Sandviken Municipality,

Are you more interested in the communication concept Sandviken PurePower, contact:
Odd Westby, Head of Information, Sandviken Municipality,