Be part of Sandviken Pure Power

Be part of Sandviken Pure Power

If we are to succeed in becoming fossil fuel free in our region, we each have to make an extra effort. Sometimes it not easy to know what we can do to contribute, but if everybody does their part, we can make a big difference in small ways.

Here’s a list of some of our tips. Do you have more? Contact us at and we will post more.

Smarter transport

Approximately a third of all carbon dioxide emissions come from traffic. A major proportion of the car journeys are shorter than five kilometres. How far do you have to travel to work? Could you walk, cycle or take public transport? Your body will also thank you for the extra exercise. Car-pooling is an option if you have a long way to work and public transport isn’t suitable.

Around the home

  • Use low-energy light bulbs.
  • Save on warm water. New taps have water-saving nozzles, but you can also install them for yourself.
  • Use a lid when you boil food on the stove.
  • Turn off computers and TV sets. They consume electricity even in standby mode.
  • Remember to defrost your freezer occasionally. It uses less electricity that way.
  • Turn off lights when they’re not needed.
  • We have the best water in the world directly from the tap. Drink that instead of buying water in bottles.
  • Don’t use cleaning detergents that contain chlorine.
  • Don’t use too much washing powder or dish washing liquid.
  • Don’t wash clothes at high temperatures. Today’s washing detergents work at 40 degrees.

When shopping

  • Choose locally produced food when you can, so you avoid food that requires long transportation.
  • Also avoid unnecessary products with unnecessary amounts of packaging.


Hopefully it goes without saying, but by sorting and recycling as much as possible, we do the environment a huge favour. Medicines and batteries are particularly important as they release poisonous chemicals and heavy metals into the environment. Light bulbs, strip lighting and low energy bulbs also contain dangerous metals and must be recycled.


Buy a new car

If it’s time to invest in a new car, there are many reasons to consider a a completely zero-emission electric car with battery or fuel cell for hydrogen. Fossil-free vehicles with biogas and synthetic diesel can also be a good option as a transitional solution for reducing carbon emissions.

Buy a hydrogen fuel cell car

Kenneth Larsson Bilexternal link

Bilhörnanexternal link

Buy an electric car

Almost all car dealers offer electric and hybrid cars today.

Buy a biogas car

Almost all car dealers offer cars that fully or partially run on biogas.

Drive a car that runs on synthetic diesel, HVO

Cars, tractors, buses and trucks with diesel engines can run on hydro treated vegetable oil (HVO). HVO is produced from residual products from forestry and agriculture, and is completely free of fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by up to 90%.

Sandviken Pure Power

When wise people from all over the world in industry, academia and the public sector interacts exciting things will happen.
Sandviken is such a place in the field of fossil-free and climate-neutral energy. Here we create, together, innovation power.

Sandviken Pure Power is an open communication concept that is administered by the Municipality of Sandviken. Here we come together, who wants to contribute in making Sweden one of the world's first fossil-free countries. It is here it happens. Right now.


Are you more interested in what is happening in the region regarding fossil-free transport and energy, please contact:
Anders Lundell, EU Strategist, Sandviken Municipality,

Are you more interested in the communication concept Sandviken PurePower, contact:
Odd Westby, Head of Information, Sandviken Municipality,