Electric cars

Charging stations for electric cars

A pure electric car runs on an electric engine that gets electricity from one or several lithium batteries. The most common types of electric cars are still hybrid cars that can run on electricity and petrol or diesel.

There are currently charging stations at eleven locations in Sandviken, and several more are planned:

  • Sandbacka Park, fast- and normal chargers
  • Sandviken Energi, fast- and normal chargers
  • Sveavägen, Sandviken Hus, fast charger
  • Högbo Brukshotel, normal charger
  • Midroc Electro, normal charger
  • Laddkoll.se (12 charging points at 6 locations)

The number of fast-charge stations is growing quickly, so concerns about the distance range of the vehicles will soon be irrelevant. Sandviken Energi is planning and financing the charging points across Sandviken.

How often do you need to charge?

The distance range depends on the type of car you have, but most cars have a distance range of at least 150 km. A Telsa can go for around 450 km on a single charging. The distance you can drive also depends on how you drive. It takes a night or a full working day to re-charge the battery fully using a normal plug socket. At a fast-charge station it takes less than an hour.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric cars

The biggest advantage is of course that they don’t emit any carbon dioxide. Many people also appreciate the quietness of the cars. Another important benefit is that there is electricity almost everywhere, so it’s easy to charge the car, even though it may require more planning and time compared with re-fuelling a combustion engine. Another advantage is that the fuel doesn’t need to be transported. However, electric cars still cost somewhat more than combustion engines cars; but the difference is estimated to completely disappear within a few years.

Sandviken Pure Power

When wise people from all over the world in industry, academia and the public sector interacts exciting things will happen.
Sandviken is such a place in the field of fossil-free and climate-neutral energy. Here we create, together, innovation power.

Sandviken Pure Power is an open communication concept that is administered by the Municipality of Sandviken. Here we come together, who wants to contribute in making Sweden one of the world's first fossil-free countries. It is here it happens. Right now.


Are you more interested in what is happening in the region regarding fossil-free transport and energy, please contact:
Anders Lundell, EU Strategist, Sandviken Municipality, anders.lundell@sandviken.se

Are you more interested in the communication concept Sandviken PurePower, contact:
Odd Westby, Head of Information, Sandviken Municipality, odd.westby@sandviken.se