Electric cars

Charging stations for electric cars

A pure electric car is powered by an electric motor with one or more batteries. The most common electric cars are still hybrids that can be run both on electricity and with gasoline or diesel.

In Sandviken, there are charging stations available in several locations, and more are planned:

  • Sandbacka Park, fast and normal-fast chargers
  • Sandviken Energi, fast and normal-fast chargers
  • Sveavägen, Sandvikenhus, fast chargers
  • Högbo Brukshotel, normal fast chargers
  • Midroc Electro, normal fast chargers
  • Another 12 charging points in six locations (laddkoll.se)

The number of fast-charging stations grows quickly, which means that the range anxiety will be obsolete soon. Sandviken Energi plans and finances the charging stations in Sandviken.


How often do you have to charge your car?

It depends on the type of car, but most cars have a range of at least 150 kilometers. A Tesla will take you approximately 450 kilometers on one charging. How you drive also affects the range. It takes a night or a working day to charge the battery in an ordinary power outlet. In a fast-charging station, it takes less than an hour.

Advantages and disadvantages with an electric car

The largest advantage is of course that pure electric cars emit no carbon dioxide. Many also appreciate the silence. Another important advantage is that electricity is available almost everywhere, which makes it easy to charge, even if it means that you need to plan your driving more than with an ordinary combustion engine.

An electrical car still cost a bit more than combustion engine cars; a difference that is expected to disappear within a few years. It’s also cheaper to charge them – approximately two SEK for ten kilometers. 

When wise people from all over the world in industry, academia and the public sector interact exciting things happen. Sandviken is such a place in the field of fossil free and climate neutral energy.

Sandviken PurePOWER is an open communication concept administered by Sandvikens Kommun. Here, people that want to contribute to making Sweden one of the world’s first fossil free countries meet. Sandviken is the place where it all happens. Right now.