Sweden’s fourth hydrogen refuelling station

Sandviken is the municipality with the largest number of hydrogen cars per capita in the world. This is also where Sweden’s fourth hydrogen refueling station was opened in 2016. The three first ones are located in the largest cities: Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö.

The best thing about hydrogen refueling in Sandviken is that the entire production process is green. The hydrogen is produced from electrolysis, and the electricity needed for the electrolysis is produced in the wind farm in Jädraås. Thanks to the hydrogen lines from the AGA-plant to Sandvik’s industrial area, the hydrogen reaches the refueling station without any need for transportation.

In Sandviken, you can safely refuel your hydrogen car and be assured that it only emits water, so clean that you can drink it.

Fuel cap on hydrogen car

Energy from renewable energy sources is stored with hydrogen

Storage of electricity has long been a big challenge for producers of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind. Hydrogen is a good solution. By producing hydrogen through electrolysis, green electricity can be stored for usage at a later time.

Transforming hydrogen to energy requires a fuel cell, which can be used in cars and heavy lorries, and also as stationary units for heat and electricity. The only emissions are water and heat. Sandvik manufactures the coated strips that are at the core of the fuel cellsexternal link, opens in new window

Collaboration between the municipality and the industry

A unique collaboration between the municipality, Sandvik and AGA Gas made the refueling station in Sandviken possible. Sandvik produces the fuel cell components, AGA Gas produces the hydrogen, and the local council enables the refueling station with land among other things.

Are you considering a hydrogen fuel cell car? Contact us at kommun@sandviken.se and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

Hydrogen cars in Sandviken

You recognize the hydrogen cars from the Sandviken PurePOWER logo. The cars are owned and used by:

  • Sandvik Materials Technology, 3 cars
  • Sandviken Municipality, 1 car
  • Sandviken, Hofors and Ockelbo municipalities (Västra Gästriklands Samhällsbyggnadsförvaltning) 1 car
  • Sandvikenhus AB, 1 car
  • Sandviken Energi AB, 4 cars
  • Kenneth Larsson Bil, 1 car
  • 100 procent media, 1 car

The municipality also has a number of electrical cars in its fleet. By the end of 2019, a number of hydrogen buses will run the streets in the region as well.

When wise people from all over the world in industry, academia and the public sector interact exciting things happen. Sandviken is such a place in the field of fossil free and climate neutral energy.

Sandviken PurePOWER is an open communication concept administered by Sandvikens Kommun. Here, people that want to contribute to making Sweden one of the world’s first fossil free countries meet. Sandviken is the place where it all happens. Right now.